Find Your Way Around Kyoto Tower

In the middle of a buzzing array of business facilities in the retro lies the 131 meters high Kyoto Tower, the tallest structure in the whole Kyoto. Kyoto Tower, described […]

Roll Madu

As the lovely name, Roll Madu is a unique cafe and sweets with the architecture of a roll cake. The concept and menu of Roll Madu will not disappoint you with a […]

Pontocho Alley

As one of the most night atmospheric spots in Kyoto, Potoncho is widely considered as the most beautiful street by almost all Kyoto locals and even tourists coming here. Holding the original […]

Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka Streets

  Even though Kyoto is considered as one of the oldest cities in Japan, almost all of its corners and streets come into the border of modernization as there is a looming […]

Kamigamo Shrine

On the banks of the Kamo River in Kyoto stands one of the most important shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Along with the Kamo and Shimogamo Shrines, the Kamigamo Shrine is […]

Reasons why you should visit Sagano Bamboo Forest

Usually, when we say bamboos, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is China. One of the reasons is that bamboos are often featured in Chinese films. But […]

Toji Temple: Kyoto’s National Treasure

In the late 700s, the modern-day Kyoto replaced Nara as the new capital of Japan, which marked the beginning of the Heian period. With the development in the city, the […]

Wabisabi Uji Tea At The Heart Of Kyoto

It is said that the origin of Japanese green tea is Uji tea.  In Uji, the production method of senchawas born in 1738 and the production method of gyokuro was also born 100 years later. Sadō, which also […]

Kyoto International Manga Museum

  If you are a fan of Japanese comics and would like to spend your precious day away from the metro buzz and urban stress, then you should probably spend […]