Historic Sites

Expect Marvelous Experience at the Hikone Castle

Setting on the shores of Japan’s largest lake, Biwa, lies one of the most beautiful and historic castles in Japan. For the past 400 years, the castle remained as the […]

Visit and Enjoy Wakayama Castle and History: Perfect Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot

Sitting just around the mouth of Kii River in Wakayama Prefecture is the national historic site Wakayama Castle. This castle was built in the same spot as Ota Castle that […]

Nara National Museum: Presentation of Buddhism

The Nara National Museum is located in Nara Koen, a park around which are the temples Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji and the shrine Kasuga-taisha. The museum is distinguished by its focus […]

Hikone and The Castle of Lake Biwa

Today, we will share the history of Hikone Castle (Official Website) Year 1600 It all began with a battle. In the year 1600 Japan was a very different shape than it is […]