Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama

In here you can enjoy coffee while looking at the river and the beautiful building of Osaka City Central Public Hall. There are several side dishes for coffee such as […]

Hongkong BanJum 0410

This restaurant specializes in serving Jjajangmyeon , Jjampong and Tangsuyuk. Jjajangmyeon and Jjampong are popular dishes in South Korea that are heavily influenced by Chinese dishes. Jjajangmyeon ( Black Noodles) […]

Avocado House Namba Osaka

Want to eat Mexican food like Nacchos, Fajita in Osaka? This authentic Mexican restaurant is perfect for visiting! from the front of the restaurant, you can already see a restaurant […]

Korean Cafe Style with Nams Cafe in Osaka

South Korea is famous for modern and aesthetic cafes. Osaka also has cafes like that one of them is Nams Cafe. Nams Cafe was founded by Koreans. They served breakfast […]

Irankou 伊蘭香 Chinese Halal Beef Ramen

Lanzhou ramen is one of the food ramen from Lanzhou city. Lanzhou city is located in Gansu province which is where Muslims who are a minority in Lanzhou city mostly […]

A Day of Sightseeing in Osaka’s Kaiyukan Aquarium

The Osaka’s Kaiyukan Aquarium is one of the largest public aquariums in the world. It exhibits a total of 15 large tanks representing various regions of the Pacific Rim and […]

Tenjin POLPO

Tenjinbashi shopping street is one of the most marvellous shopping center hiding deeply inside the heart of Osaka city, enchanting tourists by such unique crowded and potential restaurants and stores along […]

Manno Horumonten Yakiniku

Manno Horumonten was born in Osaka as the way to spread the reputation of Mannoya out, which has been a brand of Japanese beef. Cows fattened over 30 months will […]

Kushiyaki Ichifuji

  The best skillful Kushiyaki shop (grilling on a skewer) in Osaka, the shop had been established 60 years ago and has passed 3 generations. With more than 30 kinds of Kushiyaki […]