Relax Around Various Hot Springs in Arima Onsen

When visiting Kobe, there is only one must-go spot when you need a day to relax and visit numerous hot spring in the area. You can never go wrong when […]

Kobe Festival that colors the history of Kobe

Kobe Festival” was born as a civic participatory innovative festival in 1971. Although it is a shallow Kobe Festival compared with the traditional “festival”, its roots are surprisingly old, and […]

One of Japan’s Largest Restaurant Cruise Ships Luminous Kobe 2

  Luminous Kobe 2 is one of Japan’s largest restaurant cruise ships at 4,778 tons gross and total length of 106 meters. Its day cruise will impress you with Kobe’s […]

Kobe Port Tower: Kobe’s Panoramic Spot

If you want an excellent bird’s-eye view of Kobe, then a trip at this port tower will solve your quest for panoramic city view.   One of the best landmark […]