Find Your Way Around Kyoto Tower

In the middle of a buzzing array of business facilities in the retro lies the 131 meters high Kyoto Tower, the tallest structure in the whole Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower, described as “a stake through the heart of the city” stands proud as a Japanese candle-shaped observation tower right in the middle of Kyoto. Makoto Tanahashi designed the tower and completed the construction in December 1964, just in time for Tokyo Olympics.


The Kyoto Tower is known for its innovative design. Unlike the Eiffel Tower and the Tokyo Tower, the one in Kyoto is not using steel frames. Designers and engineers used special steel plate cylinders to form a cylindrical body of the tower. They call this type of structure the Monocoque Structure (Stress Sheath Structure).

This design ensures that the tower is built to withstand all the natural forces that could hit the city. In fact, this design has a value more than twice the design safety factor of other general buildings. Along the years, it has suffered several typhoons and earthquakes, but fortunately there was no damage recorded proving its high level of safety.


Up high you will have a wonderful panoramic view of the entire Kyoto City in broad clear day or under the mesmerizing night sky. You can buy your tickets for the observation deck in the 1st floor of the tower. Visitors describe the observation deck as something very spacious and noted the telescopes available.


There are numerous sightseeing spots by the telescopes that you can check on the 5th floor of the Kyoto Tower Observation Room. And good news, they are free of charge and lets you view around major sites in Kyoto up close. You can spot in Kyoto from 100 meters above the ground and see historic places. On top of the tower, there are a number of world heritage and national treasures that you can see around. Some of there are the Kiyomizu Temple, Toji Temple, Chion-in Temple, and many more.

The deck previously had game machines. But after its recent renovation, the deck is more peaceful with an elegant interior and soothing music in the background. Additionally, there is a mini shrine where the visitors can make special wishes.


Kyoto Tower actually stands on top of a commercial building which contains several souvenir shops, restaurants, and more. It has nine elevators that will take you around the tower’s 330 feet high observation deck. The commercial complex consists of a 9-storey building that houses a spa in the basement, various souvenir shops, restaurants, and more commercial areas in the first 4 floors. The popular Kyoto Tower Hotel is on the 5th floor and up which offers around 160 rooms for guests. The Tower Observation Level 3 has the Sky Lounge Cafe and a bar.


There is also a touch panel type tourist information monitor that can provide information on multilingual. It shows introduction and access of tourist facilities seen from the observation room.


Located in the third basement level of the Kyoto Tower Building is the Kyoto Tower Daiyokujo Yuu. This is a large public bath known to be spacious and perfect for relaxation after a tired time traveling. There is a large bathtub near the center of the bathroom. From the fountain in the center part, plenty of hot water is coming out. Moreover, on the wall, capital mountains and Kyoto Tower emerges like shadow picture.- a perfect scenery while bathing.