Food and Drinks

Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama

In here you can enjoy coffee while looking at the river and the beautiful building of Osaka City Central Public Hall. There are several side dishes for coffee such as […]

Hongkong BanJum 0410

This restaurant specializes in serving Jjajangmyeon , Jjampong and Tangsuyuk. Jjajangmyeon and Jjampong are popular dishes in South Korea that are heavily influenced by Chinese dishes. Jjajangmyeon ( Black Noodles) […]

Saganoyu Cafe in Kyoto

If you are walking around the Arashiyama area and want to take a short break, you can visit Saganoyu while enjoying an authentic meal. Saganoyu was previously a public bathhouse […]

Avocado House Namba Osaka

Want to eat Mexican food like Nacchos, Fajita in Osaka? This authentic Mexican restaurant is perfect for visiting! from the front of the restaurant, you can already see a restaurant […]

Irankou 伊蘭香 Chinese Halal Beef Ramen

Lanzhou ramen is one of the food ramen from Lanzhou city. Lanzhou city is located in Gansu province which is where Muslims who are a minority in Lanzhou city mostly […]

Deer and Coffee at Cafe and Bar Miroku Terrace

Do you want to see the deer in peace ? this place is a right place for those of you who want to enjoy the autumn atmosphere by watching deer […]

Coffee with flowers at 1er ETAGE

1er ETAGE is a flower shop that provides a cafe inside. If you are bored with the traditional Japanese concept in Kyoto, how to try new things by coming to […]

Wabisabi Uji Tea At The Heart Of Kyoto

It is said that the origin of Japanese green tea is Uji tea.  In Uji, the production method of senchawas born in 1738 and the production method of gyokuro was also born 100 years later. Sadō, which also […]

Creo-Ru : Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Osaka Specialty

The Secret of Good Taste Creo-ru is located in Dotonbori of Osaka. This town has been known as the town of Kuidaore. Large floor of the 70 seats that can eat […]