Wabisabi Uji Tea At The Heart Of Kyoto

It is said that the origin of Japanese green tea is Uji tea.  In Uji, the production method of senchawas born in 1738 and the production method of gyokuro was also born 100 years later.

Sadō, which also was compiled in Uji, has deep and unique thoughts.  Some people who may have heard aboutsadō or Japanese tea ceremony might know that it has some fixed etiquettes to serve and drink.  But the essence of sadō is not the etiquettes.  Tea is not simply a beverage.

It always comes along with the spirit of omotenashi, which means Japanese hospitality.  The host expresses his appreciation to this one time one meeting relationship with the guests by serving tea with courtesy and reverence.

Not only expressing the sadō mind, a host must have wide variety of knowledge and sensitiveness in religion, philosophy, tea serving tools, and some artworks for decorating the tea room to embody the whole art of sadō.




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