Amelie Umeda Cafe

  Amelia is a giant cafe restaurant located at the basement floor of Dojima Nakamachi Building in Umeda Osaka. The cafe is loved by the gentle scene of the little door […]

Amadeus Cafe

  Amadeus is a luxury hotel coffee shop located at the basement floor of Westin Hotel Osaka. The cafe offers an amazing rich menu of Western cuisine of Italian and French […]

Tooth Tooth Colors

Wandering around the retro street Nakazakicho, Tooth Tooth Colors is a lovely space for your fuzzy moment. Tooth Tooth Colors has a modern style as a combination of cafe, restaurant, bar and […]

Planet 3rd

source DESCRIPTION:  Visitors drop in Planet 3rd in Shinsaibashi to take a tea break in their long journey along the shopping street. The cafe has some indistinct feeling of American style with […]

Ogawatei Torachan

Ogawatei Torachan is compared with a hidden oasis of yakiniku in Osaka. The restaurant is beautiful with looming light covering the yellow building, some green creepers dotted with some little purple […]


Manpukuichiba will accept your reservation for an unexpected dinner party on the same day. They have many kinds of private rooms for your different purposes with capacity reaching 80 people. Manpukuichiba […]

Kura Yakiniku

Located on the 7th foor of Namba Park, Kura yakiniku is one in the store chain of Kuraya Company with the motto of peace of mind, safety and trust in their operation […]

Kadoya Yakiniku

Kadoya restaurant has an eye catching appearance with black and red Kanji characters dancing in the front face. The restaurant will flare brightly at night with a shiny row of lanterns […]

J’ADORE Chayamachi

Considering the importance of the surrounding scene to any dinner, J’ADORE Chayamachi has thoroughly designed unique and beautiful space to fulfill romantic and delicious Italian dinners completely out of the […]