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Tourists of every traveling seasons often choose Dotonbori, Umeda, Shinsaibashi or Den Den town as their most believable shopping centers in Osaka. Certainly, you always find safety inside the sureness, in case of these shopping centers, they will not disappoint you by ensuring the basics of shopping theory. However, you do know that you can never get something special or even fantastic if you do not dare try a completely new thing, in our story, we are talking about Tenjinbashi shopping street. Stretching over 2.6 kilometers by 7 blocks, people may turn to surprised to hear that such the longest shopping street across Japan is now staying hidden, we mean, among the tourist knowledge.

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Among more than 600 different shops and stores along the street with various tastes and colors, Cream Kitchen owns the unique scent which can enchant every single nose and hearts even from the distance. You are coming Tenjinbashi and no matter what you have just eaten before, no matter what exactly your stomach needs right now, you can not refuse to try an eye catching and delicous cake served on the table of Cream Kitchen. As its name, Cream Kitchen is the kitchen of cream. Not about an easy-to-memory name or an impressive brand, they take this name as their attempt to make a warm and friendly kitchen for customers. From the moment you come in, take a sit, order till your dishes set on your table, you feel the whole time is just like your breakfast time, your dinner time and your break time inside your familiar kitchen. This is in front of your eyes, just a cake your lovely mom made.

Simple Pancake

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Established in 2002, Cream Kitchen has experienced more than 10 years of developing, changing and completing to give a perfect taste of cream cake. Every single dish you call is a piece of the baker’s heart as he gives all their love and passion to his spiritual child. Cream Kitchen offers a wonderful menu including roll cake, print roll cake, choux cream cake, baked cookie, Italian ice cream Gelato and some other kinds for your other purposes of birthday or anniversary. Jus roll cake has 10 different sorts of Tenjin roll, cream kitchen roll, strawberry, chocolate, honey or persimmon roll. Tenjin roll is a new item that can satisfy your mouth with a big heart of soft cream. Cream kitchen roll has a less modest amount of cream but a thick custard instead.

France dressing Pancake with Oranges flavor

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Choux cream appears inside three kinds of cake namely Old Chou, Old Chocola and Sweet Cookies Chou. Old Chou brings a traditional taste of choux cream flooding over your tongue. Old Chocola has a little jam thing topped with chocolate and Sweet Cookie Chou is an amazing coordination of cookie and custard cream. Don’t forget to try baked cake of more than 10 items of Cream Kitchen including Fundan Chocola, Coconuts Pound, Rezan Cake and Oguri Marron Pie.

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From 11:00 am to 9:00 pm ( LO : 08:30 ) 


Average price for an item: 200 yen to 1000 yen


Visa , Mastercard , Amex , JCB and PayPay is accepted

60 seats available




Direct access from Ogimachi StationMinamimorimachi Station on Subway Tanimachi Line or Osaka Tenmangu Station on JR Tozai Line.