Den Yakiniku

Den is one of the most outstanding yakiniku restaurants for tourists coming to Osaka area. Located on the 5th floor of Universal city walk, Den is noticeable with the logo of […]

CREO-Ru Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki

More than the popular tourist destination of Japan, the capital Tokyo, Osaka breaks all the limits of tourist standard, enchanting tourist fans by its unique taste of street culture. Osaka people are […]

Al Avis Cafe

  Al Avis is designed to be an Italian bar as the oasis for your busy day around Osaka city. All items at Al Avis are home made by talented and […]

Ajiyoshi Yakiniku

Ajiyoshi beef flavor is famous even with table companions from other prefectures. Actually, black Japanese beef, the only kind of beef served at Ajiyoshi has the origin from Osaka Tsuruhashi which […]

Seijiro Yakiniku

  Seijiro will generously give you a 200 yen discount of free drink for your all-you-can-eat menu. It is a charming restaurant with traditional architecture of Japanese tea room with wooden […]

Soholm Cafe

  Soholm cafe hides inside the bustling Actus interior shop but occupying a large area with spacious ad well aired space. You can freely take your convenient seat among little pretty […]

Sousaku Taiyaki Kogasin

  Fish-shaped pancake Shop Kogashin. The first collaboration shop with Osaka Tourist Bureau. The mix between “Okonomiyaki” and “Taiyaki” makes Osaka tourist products. The specialty “Okonomitaiyaki”, standard one with sweet bean paste […]


  Honjitsunoosusume is a yakiniku restaurant designed in style of Japanese public house with small and private room. You will sit flat on the ground with a square mattressto have a […]

Taruichi Yakiniku

  DESCRIPTION:  Taruichi is a neat yakiniku restaurant with architecture of brick wall and sliding glass windows cooperating in a strange structure. However, the inside space is really gentle with clean […]