Tenjin POLPO

Tenjinbashi shopping street is one of the most marvellous shopping center hiding deeply inside the heart of Osaka city, enchanting tourists by such unique crowded and potential restaurants and stores along the street and wonderfully, not so much tourists have heard about it. This secret shopping center is also the longest shopping street in Japan with about 2.6 kilometers in length, including seven blocks, covering various goods from onions to dynamites and services from massage to fortune telling, among which food is the light.

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Beside popular traditional street food in Osaka like Takoyaki, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, fugu, sashimi or sushi, Tenjinbashi is a destination of Asian dishes from Korea, China, Taiwan, India and Vietnam, along with Western cuisine of Mexico, France and Italy. At the beginning of the south, you can find a creative Italian restaurant named Tenjin POLPO, also called Tenjin Porupo, with elegant mostly wooded appearance made from a red signboard with simple yellow words, hanging above 4 glass doors hemmed by wood, hidden from the colorful attractive tables of current menu served inside the restaurant. In Italian, Porupo means octopus. This lovely and impressive name promises an idea of soft as octopus.

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Tenjin POLPO is led by the enthusiastic and creative heart of the chef Minoru Yoshitomi, just opened in March 2012 to create a little space for creative Italian cuisine. On the clean wall of the restaurant, you can see photos showing hundred smiles from customers, conveying their feeling and thought of the chef and his restaurant. The second floor have a space to relax on the couch, and you can arrange a course plan in the warmth of this wooden structure.

Tenjin POLPO offers an extensive menu covering various forms of Italian dishes from pasta, salad and specially confit. POLPO’s confit is called silk confit, cooked carefully in oil of low temperature to produce a smooth and juicy but no greasy taste, the cooking method is subtle enough to keep the original sweetness and freshness. You can freely choose for yourself a delicious dish of chicken, loin pork or beef.

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Pasta will be served for lunch with 5 kinds, pasta with domestic Japanese beef streak, pasta with cream and mushrooms, pasta with homemade carbonara sauce, pasta with tomato sauce and pasta with homemade anchovy oil. Tenjin POLPO also serves the freshest salad from colorful vegetables and seafood. In the evening hours, there are many recommended foods and drinks which you can choose from the menu of about 20 dishes and nearly 40 kinds of drink.

Source: Tenjin POLPO

Tel no.
+81 6-6809-6671



Lunch time: from 12:00 am to 01:30 pm ( only open on Thursday )

Dinner time: from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Confit menu:

  • Beef confit: 900 yen
  • Loin pork confit: 700 yen
  • Chicken confit: 480 yen

Pasta: from 980 yen to 1300 yen

Salad: from 400 yen to 1080 yen

Other dishes: from 200 yen to 1600 yen

Drink: from 500 yen to 700 yen in average


VISA、Master、JCB、AMEX、Diners is accepted .

All seat smoking is allowed

22 seats


Direct access from Ogimachi StationMinamimorimachi Station on Subway Tanimachi Line or Osaka Tenmangu Station on JR Tozai Line.