What’s in it for Yoshikein Garden?

When the bustling life in the paved walls of city streets and and neighborhood gets too much to handle and when you want a little spare time to just stroll around a peaceful scenery then it’s a great time you wander around the Yoshikein Garden in the center of Nara.

It is located near the famous Isuien Garden. Although this spot is often overlooked by visitors due to its proximity to the other famous gardens in Osaka, Yoshikein Garden also offers equally peaceful and beautiful setting and view.

Probably the best thing about this spot is that it is absolutely free for foreign tourists. For the locals, it could costs around 250 yen.



The name Yoshikien was derived from the Yoshikigawa River that runs near the garden. History has it that the Yoshikien Garden was once a temple until it became a private property on the year 1919. Manishuin Temple, a branach of Kofukuji Temple used to be at the current site of the garden. It was made available for public viewing when its ownership was transferred to Nara Prefecture.

Yoshikien Garden is consist of three different grounds. The pond garden, moss garden, and the tea ceremony flower garden.



First, you can see the beautiful pond garden upon entering. The pond garden incorporates the gentle slopes and curves of the land from the Edo Period. You can spend your time to walk around the area before you decide to move on to the resting place spot. Here, there is a tower where you can rest and enjoy the view of the pond from the top.


The second ground is the moss garden. Hair moss covers most of this secluded part of the Yoshikein Garden. The thick carpet of hair moss are from the species polytrichum. In this area, there are many picturesque stone lanterns and stepping stones you can truly admire.



At the corner of this, there is teahouse and a garden that adds up to a very serene ambience. You can enjoy the beauty of various seasonal flowers that are ideal for tea ceremony in the third ground. Thus, people named it as the tea ceremony flower garden.  It is also an ideal spot to relax especially during spring or autumn because of its mesmerizing fall colors.



The Yoshikien Garden is a 15-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station. From JR Naga Station, take bus bound for Aoyamajutaku or Kunimidai-hachichome to Oshiagecho bus stop.