Visit and Discover the Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Nachi Falls

Along with the Kegon Falls and Fukuroda Falls, the Nachi Falls in Wakayama Prefecture is one of the highest waterfalls in Japan. The 133-meter high waterfalls has been part of UNESCO World Heritage’s “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”.

In the vicinity of the waterfalls, there are shrines, pagodas and temples that you can also enjoy. The falls has been attracting visitors because of its awesome nature ambiance and vibrant view of the falls.



In visiting the falls, there are two main viewing area. The lower viewing deck in the front of the falls. You can walk through a tori and then down several steps towards a tree-shaded area with a shrine and as well as a teasing view of the falls between trees. After the shrine, there is a nearby pagoda where you can get an even higher view of the Nachi Waterfall. The top floor views were surrounded by net, but you can still take some pictures on some areas of the net that has holes.





If you are an explorer and loves to take great pictures, then one thing you can do while exploring around the Nachi falls is to take awesome photos. Visitors greatly commend the height and shape of the falls especially its uninterrupted drop. Locals recommend you visit by June, because of the rainy season and a guaranteed heavy water volume. When you want the closest point near the falls, you better be good at uphill ascend by 20-30 minutes until you reach Diamon-zaka.


Nachi Taisha is a large shrine complex with many vermillion-painted and bark-roofed buildings. It is believed that the Nachi Shrine was built down closer to the base of the waterfall. The shrine is free to enter and is open at all times. There is also a treasure hall displaying some art and artifacts that is open from 8am to 4pm and has an admission fee of 300 yen.


After visiting the lower deck, you can walk up and end up at a shrine called the Seiganto-ji Temple. This gives you a majestic view above the treeline and the Nachi Waterfall in sight. This is located within the same compound as Nachi Shrine, but visitors often skip this spot and proceed directly to the Nachi Shrine.


This is probably one of the best view during the whole Nachi falls trip. The three-tier pagoda and the famous falls in the background. This is actually one of the most photographed spots with the enthusiasts using 70mm lens or longer.

There are other nice places of interest near Nachi that offers astounding views over the mountains. Additionally, there are various accommodation options in the area that you can choose according to your budget. Just learn to explore some more and you’ll surely find other worthy places to spend your time with.