Midosuji Street Shopping Center


If you wanna get the feels of the busy streets of Japan during your travel, then visiting the famous Midosuji Street shopping centers is a must! Not only will you be able to enjoy the line of  visit ultra high-class housing clothing stores such  as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Tory Burch and more. You  will also get to see major hotels around the area, and even an Apple flagship nearby.




Midosuji Boulevard is the primary main street of Central Osaka, Japan. It is considered one of the most important street in Osaka. This busy street is basically connecting the more old-fashioned and historical world of Nanba (South Disctrict) to the more modern and fashionable world of Nanba (North district).


The Midōsuji street is approximately 4 km long and 44 m wide that connects the two major entertainment centers of Osaka. Along the avenue lies a variety of business stores, shopping malls, restaurant, amusement facilities, and more that visitors often look forward every visit in Osaka. The popularity of this area is also because the new facilities that opened successively in the area. It has been over 70 years that this street is offering commercial entertainment to the consumers.


Underneath the line of many significant buildings along the street is the Midōsuji subway. Subway is running under this road, the subway is also the most important of all the subways in Osaka.



The Midōsuji street is also ideal for visitors during autumn. Awe-inspiring sceneries of the golden yellow ginkgo trees flood the area. Aside from that, during Christmas time light decors and sparkling illuminations add festive air to the area.




  • Pretty lights, great for night time activity
  • High end shopping, bright lights and nice people
  • Colorful buildings and shops, always buzzing with people
  • Luxury shopping street lined with lights
  • A great street to wander around