Explore Lake Biwa: Lake Biwa Museum at its finest

Amongst the hundreds of museums in Japan, Lake Biwa is rated as one of the best and largest lake-based museums in the city.



Lake Biwa Museum is located in Japan’s largest freshwater lake at the Shiga Prefecture. This museum has a variety of events and exhibits related to Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa. Their permanent exhibits include information on how Lake Biwa was originally formed, its current state, and the relationship between the lake and the people who lived near it.


People refers Lake Biwa as one of the largest lake-based museums in Japan. Lake Biwa Museum also houses a modern and spacious tunnel-style aquarium. This is where you can see different species of sea creatures, micro-organisms, insects, and animals. Aside from that, it displays many endemic species from the lake.


You can locate the museum on the side of the lake. It has various events and exhibits related to Lake Biwa and a hands-on exhibit room named the “Discovery Room” with unique exhibits. In the upper floor, the museum offers various exhibits that are about the history, and geology. Additionally, there is an exhibit of a massive, elephant like mammal called as Mastodon. In the lower floor, you can find the live display of rare aquatic species. Lake Biwa Museum also has a souvenir shop where tourists can take a look at adorable and possible souvenir items. Moreover, there is also a restaurant where you can try the local specialty of Shiga Prefecture local – the Omi Beef and other dishes made with black bass and catfish from Lake Biwa.




Approximately 14 million people of China benefits from Lake Biwa. The lake supplies drinking water and is a perfect spot for commercial fishing in the recent years. Moreover, locals chose the said place for recreation, especially sport fishing and boating. Then in 1971, the government declared the entire Lake Biwa region as a wildlife sanctuary. Additionally, in 1993, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands registers the Lake Biwa as a wetland of international importance.

How to get there?

By : Public Transport

Getting to Lake Biwa Museum by public transport starts when you take the JR Biwako line from Kyoto or Maibara to Kusatsu (Shiga) station. At Kusatsu station, take either a bus or a taxi to the museum.

By : Bus

From the west side of the station, buses depart for the museum for the museum from bus stop number 2. Look for a bus with the destination sign Biwako-haku-butsu-kan.

By : Taxi

You can find taxis at the taxi rank on the west side of the station. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Kusatsu Station to the museum. Or you can take a taxi from Moriyama Station, which is closer to the museum than Kusatsu station.

By : Car

Exit the Meishin Expressway at the Ritto Interchange and drive along the Ritto Shinanaka Route and the Lakeshore (Sazanami) Road (approximately 30 minutes).


Admission Schedule and Fees


Lake Biwa Museum opens from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM (final admission is at 4:30 PM, while the Discovery Room closes at 4:00 PM.


For adults: 750 yen

College/Senior High School students: 400 yen

Elementary/Junior High students: Free

Residents of Shiga Prefecture (65 years old & above): Free

Persons with Disabilities: Free