Minoo Park

Minooh Park lies in the northern part of Mino City on the outskirts of Osaka. Minoo Park is a quasi-natural park and is mostly visited for its beautiful autumn views of red and golden maple leaves.

Aside from that, visitors get to enjoy the seasonal scenery in the area such as cherry blossoms in spring, trees covered with ice during winter and awe-inspiring beauty of bare trees during the fall. This park will surely give you thousand memorable memories that will last a lifetime.



The main attraction in Minoo Park is the 33m-high and 5m-wide Minoo Waterfalls. Many people enjoy walking the main paved trail called Takimichi trail that leads up to one of the most famous spot here. The typical trek towards the waterfall is complemented with amazing sights of nature along with the cold and crisp air.

The path is mostly layered with stone or along with narrow roads. The 3-kilometer hike to the waterfalls would approximately take 45 minutes to one hour. And the good thing is that, there are a lot of interesting photo spots on the way to the waterfall that are worth for a quick stopover.



When you choose to go through Takimichi, you can access it in front of the Minoh station. Additionally, there are lots to explore upon your arrival to Hankyu Minoh station. There is Momiji hotspring footbath that costs around 150 yen. There are also rows od souvenir shops and restaurants line up near the entrance where you can try their famous delicacy. Minoh is famous for its Momiji tempura, maple leaves fried in a sweet batter with sesame. It can be a great snack while walking through around the park.

But it doesn’t end there. As you continue to hike up Takimichi, you’ll be able to see Hashimoto-Tei, a 100-year old restaurant with a small craft gallery. And before you arrive at the third bridge, you will come across the Minoh Insect Pavillion on your left. It is a small museum of various insects as well as butterflies in Japan.



Along the way, you’ll also be able to across the Ryuanhi Temple that is known as a spiritual birthplace of lottery. Although there are other trails that will head to the waterfalls. The other trails lead into the hills around and beyond the waterfall. If you are craving for an instant adventure, you can take other ways that will lead to a more secluded views of the forest and get a chance to see some wildlife. Another temple that you can possibly come across is the Katsuoji Temple. This is a 1200 year-old Buddhist complex known for its display of Daruma dolls.

And short while before arriving at the famous waterfall, you will see a somewhat 7.5 meters gigantic rock, sort of a sign that you are very near to the Minoh waterfall.

Upon arriving at the waterfalls, you can take loads of memorable photos around the amazing spots. You can also take some photos of the numerous traditional Japanese homes that line the raods. Minoh Park is a lovely place to spend your day with nature and a good day to reconnect with your inner adventurous self.



From Hankyu Railway from downtown Osaka, take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Umeda station to Ishibashi station. After that, take the Hankyu Minoh line to the end of the line at Minoh station. And then from outside the station, the 10 minute walk to the start of the trails is clearly signposted.


Another option, if you are on the Osaka subway, go to Senri-Chuo station on the Midosuji Line. Catch bus number 19 or 20 to Minoo station.



Inside Hankyu Umeda Station.

1-2-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

Hours​: 8am-5pm (closed for New Year’s holidays)