Creo-Ru : Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki Osaka Specialty

The Secret of Good Taste

Creo-ru is located in Dotonbori of Osaka. This town has been known as the town of Kuidaore. Large floor of the 70 seats that can eat takoyaki, okonomiyaki, skewers of Osaka specialty at a time.

Dotonbori Creo-ru is a large store of one of the best. Also been featured in magazines and television, we are coming to a lot of customers every day.

Such as the Creo-ru originated in Osaka Kyobashi shops and Kyobashi core stores and Dogenzaka shop Shibuya in Tokyo and Shimbashi, we welcome the customers at each store a variety of face.

In particular, Osaka Dotonbori specialty takoyaki, to local customers from the first-class famous hotel, we are delighted every time the event is certainly called the taste of Osaka.

Come takoyaki of such boast of Dotonbori Creo-ru, please relish.We look forward to staff, from the bottom of my heart.


Media Coverage Information


  • Dotonbori shop has been broadcast on TV!

    Dotonbori shop has been broadcast on TV!

    TV Tokyo of photographing is carried out at Dotonbori shop, Mr. Hyadain, Otani RinKaoru’s has been coming to a store.
    July 16 (Saturday) with the public of the Pokemon movie, has been a PR in Osaka, Creo-ru Dotonbori shop.
    Broadcasting has been broadcast from 5:00 May 1 (Sunday) 8.






  • Original Creo-ru takoyaki Original Creo-ru takoyaki

    In Dotonbori of battleground, always takoyaki shop matrix is made of “Creo-ru” is, finally the Tokyo one shop OPEN!
    The taste of the common people was pushed up to the gourmet, original takoyaki is popular.







  • Japan eating out Newspaper

    [Japan eating out Newspaper]
    Aiming to 100 years companies in the management of family style

    Founded along with the mother at the age of 18.
    Until then has been a salesboy at the fruit shop, it compliments to the mother as a “barker is good”, was supposed to start the takoyaki shop together.
    February 4, 1999, start takoyaki shop “Creo-ru” in a vacant lot near the apartment lived of Higashiyodogawa.
    About two years there in the open, and moved to the property of about three square meters of Kyobashi.




  • Very popular takoyaki in Osaka!

    Very popular takoyaki in Osaka!

    Popular unique takoyaki.
    Attract customers increases in lunch business.
    Shibuya Dogenzaka shop that becomes the Tokyo advance first store, which opened in February this year, also started lunch of sales from April for further attract customers strengthening.
    It embarked to noon of attracting customers like set menu that was the specialty of the < okonomiyaki> in the main.






  • [Yahoo! News posted]

    [Yahoo! News posted]
    Octopus grilled “Creo-ru” Kasai president, without changing commitment to cooking, to advance to Tokyo from this month

    “Creo-ru” has will be opened to Dogenzaka of Tokyo.
    We were taken up to the Yahoo! news at that time.
    Articles Posted to Yahoo! News You can see from here.






  • Eat and surprised!

    Eat and surprised!
    Like eat at the shop, “taste” is as it is.

    Frozen okonomiyaki of newly launched Creo-ru.
    Osaka specialty “of Creo-ru, octopus baked (frozen),” followed by, frozen okonomiyaki, yakisoba new released!
    Here you can purchase in







  • Creo-ru, takoyaki (frozen)

    “Creo-ru, takoyaki (frozen)”Osaka specialty in Osaka souvenirs in Sale!

    Its taste is as where I am eating at the shop.








Contact us:

Address: TokyoMinato-ku, Shinbashi 3-22-2

Telephone number: 03-6721-5188

Business: 11: 30 ~ 14: 30 (LO 14: 00)

Hours: 17:00 to 11:30 p.m. (cuisine LO22: 30 drink LO23: 00)

Holiday: Regular holiday Sunday