J’ADORE Shinsaibashi Unforgettable Dinner Awaits you!

J’ADORE Shinsaibashi Unforgettable Dinner Awaits you!

J’ADORE Shinsaibashi is proud to have an authentic Italian chef who has experience cooking in well-known hotels. Under his skillful hands, ingredients are selected carefully to create such masterpieces of culinary art. Freshest categories of seafood are used to make delicious dishes of marinated octopus, grilled shellfish or boiled shrimp with garlic butter and seafood paella.

The menu also has some choices of pasta and pizza and your dinner will be completed with a glass of wine, cocktails or beer. Customers can give the choice to the chef as he will help with various courses covering from appetizer to dessert.

J'adore Shinsaibashi

J'adore Shinsaibashi Lounge Area

J'adore Shinsaibashi Along The City Lights

J'adore Shinsaibashi Lounge Area in The Morning

J'adore Shinsaibashi Balcony View

J'adore Shinsaibashi Balcony View

J'adore Shinsaibashi Front Desk

J’ADORE Shinsaibashi is a perfect selection for a little wedding party of around 50 guests or even 100 for a buffet. Nothing can be better than an Italian buffet lasting about 2 hours with wedding cake, flower and sparkling glasses of champagne. Come to paint your dinners and parties with Italian color!


There is a brilliant “Sun” for your unforgettable dinner on the 8th floor of the GATE tower in the well known shopping street Shinsaibashi in Osaka, called J’ADORE- an outstanding Italian restaurant with unique magnificent atmosphere.

Designed under the mix style of “Sun” and “Glossy”, J’ADORE creates such a tranquil but extremely luxury space to offer customers valuable time enjoying dinner with feeling of sitting in a tall villa.

The restaurant owns an elegant interior immersing in gentle light combined with open terrace running along corridor of antique wood pillars warmly embraced by little green forest, allowing customers to enjoy the urban environment and scenery till the city skyline.


J’ADORE Shinsaibashi Unforgettable Dinner Awaits you!

Japan, 〒542-0085 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo, Shinsaibashisuji, 2 Chome−5−5, Shinsaibashi GATE 8F

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